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Sat-Thu, 26-31 August 2017 9pm

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When they laugh, we rejoice alongside them. And when they shed tears, we feel their pain.

Spanning over six episodes, Anak Merdeka chronicles the lives of three friends – Salleh, Boon and Devi – beginning from the time Malaysia struggled for its independence right through to the 21st century.

Set in a funfair, where these three friends first meet, the journey of their story interweaves with our nation’s key historical moments and events over the course of 60 years. Their story is the nation’s story.

Produced by Angsana Production, supported by Khazanah Nasional Berhad
Anak Merdeka Episode 1

Episode 1:

Three children observe a kampung descend into mayhem when the donations collected for Tunku Abdul Rahman’s second trip to London go missing. Things get even more chaotic as people start pointing fingers, and only the three children can save the day.

Anak Merdeka Episode 2

Episode 2:

Upon their return from a road trip, Salleh, Boon, Devi and Mariam are suddenly caught in the crossfires of a riot. When Devi gets injured, they cautiously make their way to a nearby hospital, where they discover the true extent of the 1969 tragedy.

Anak Merdeka Episode 3

Episode 3:

As Malaysia merges with Sabah & Sarawak, Devi’s position as the country’s fastest runner is threatened with the arrival of Lydia, a young girl from Sarawak. Salleh is forced to think of an alternative plan for the future of his family when Captain Harris decides to hand over the funfair to Boon instead.

Anak Merdeka Episode 4

Episode 4:

Salleh ventures into a new business opportunity, in line with Malaysia’s ‘Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia’ campaign, which inadvertently puts a strain on his relationship with his family. Having woken up from a coma after being struck by lightning, Devi helps her father fulfill his religious vow and rediscovers her roots.

Anak Merdeka Episode 5

Episode 5:

Old family scars resurface when Boon suddenly goes missing just as his son George comes back home from the US. Devi is chosen as one of the baton runners for the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Salleh struggles to survive the financial crisis.

Anak Merdeka Episode 6

Episode 6:

After recovering from an injury, 69 year old Salleh is now forced to stay with his watchful son. Wanting to regain his sense of independence, Salleh sneaks away and drags Boon and Devi on a road trip to Mersing, but little do they know what the 2014 East Coast floods have in store for them.